About Kai

I joke that I save owners from their business and businesses from their owners.

Who the heck is Kai?

Hey there! My name is Kai Alday, but everyone just calls me Kai. I'm the mother of 3 beautiful girls and I have a crazy supportive husband. I'm Coach Kai aka Success Alday. I've spent the last couple of decades in non-profit, corporate and in our family's restaurant business and, oh, the education I got. Considering my background and being raised by entrepreneurial women, it's a wonder I didn't start my business sooner.

But if we're being real I was too busy living up to my duties as a good asian daughter (although I never really was, haha) and trying to reach this idea of success that I never once stopped to question. It wasn't until I had my first little girl that I started to even ask myself what mattered to me.

After watching my mom go through some very stressful times in her business I knew I couldn't just talk about things needing to change, I had to be a part of it and so, Success Alday was born.

How did this all start?

I started this business because I was tired of sacrificing my family for my career. I knew I had to make a change if I wanted to watch my girls grow up.

If I'm being honest I never would've left corporate had it not been for my mom and her need for help at our family business.

I was too busy being miserable trying to catch the carrot at the end of the corporate stick.

Don't get me wrong, corporate isn't the enemy, but had I paid attention sooner I probably would've realized that I am not a corporate kind-of-girl. I like to say what I mean, I hate politics and want to create huge social change now with or without the title. I've always beat my own drum and was losing myself having to dance to someone else's. That being said, I don't regret any of it. Your whole life is an education and my career was an amazing education. Non-profit taught me leadership with heart, corporate taught me business and our family's business taught me hard work. I met people who inspired me - some because they were amazing and some because they were that horrible - and I am grateful to every one of them.

What is success Alday about?

I am a huge believer in small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Small businesses are the heart of the community and if the heart is healthy so will the community be.

I've watched as:

  • Businesses that were around for decades close because there's no one to run the place or they don't know how to let the business go on without them
  • Too many put their lives on hold for "later" with no end to the madness in sight
  • Bosses and owners let their stress affect their leadership both on the job and in the community

As a mom, I saw the effects of my unhealthy work ethic seep into my own home and affect those I loved most. They got what was leftover of me even though they deserved only the best.

I couldn't shake the idea that there was a better way.

It was my firsthand experience that taught me just how much an unhealthy business or work ethic could create an unhappy life. It donned on me that it worked the other way too.I made it my mission to create change and that's what I do through The Business Confidante.

I help women just like you become the hero of your own story.

I help you build a business you love and start living a life as big as your dreams. When we thrive our families flourish, when small businesses thrive communities prosper.

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